COMPLIANCE - Attitude is the Difference between an Ordeal and an Adventure

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If I were to ask you if it's important to do the right thing, you'd say "Of course!". But when it comes down to it, many people will keep doing the same old thing and not stopping to review their compliance. It's either too hard, too complicated, changes too often or is just plain boring. However, with more legislation updates being released to increase director culpability, your legal obligations in safety, privacy and employment practices are more crucial now than ever before.

Hefty fines and jail time are being proposed or are already implemented in some states in these areas. You can no longer afford to ignore your legal obligations. The iSuite Risk Management Program completes assessments in safety, privacy, right to work and employment practices where we assess your business for the risk of non-compliance against legislation.

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Relevant Compliance Information:

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Alicja Gibert