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Our Company

Certex International is a wholly owned Australian owned and operated business.  We have been providing auditing services to businesses across Australia and New Zealand since 2004.  Since then the Certex services have expanded to capture more than purely auditing in the ISO and industry specific standards. Through out 2018, Certex has been growing offerings to include business assessments in key areas of weakness we observe in the market. Smaller, cheaper and easier than full certification, the business assessments and iSuite Program are a strong portfolio and check for your business to make sure you're compliant and are overserving your legal obligations. 

Certex is based in Melbourne and has auditors/assessors located around Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Perth and Brisbane. Certex was founded by and continues to be managed by Dianne Gibert, MBA BComm AGIA ACIS AFAIM. 

What makes us different?

We take commitment to professionalism very seriously, and work hard as a team to ensure you get the best value from your certification.  We are approachable and friendly (not scary at all!).  We have always taken the process audit approach to ensure we really understand how your business works.  We want certification to support your business to achieve excellence, not be a bureaucratic time waster.

To achieve this, Certex specializes in selected industries where we have expert knowledge and skills.  We stay current with business and industry issues through our own internal research function, ongoing training of auditors and relationships with industry experts and membership of key industry associations.  Our auditors all have many years experience working in industry before we train them as auditors.

Assessment Services

We offer three levels of assessments:

  1. Business Verification Review – high level check

  2. iSuite Risk Management Program – short onsite assessments

  3. Certification Services – audits and ongoing certification program with certificates.

Business Verification Review (BVR)

This is a one-hour telephone interview to check the basic requirements for an Australian business are in place, such as business registration, mandatory policies, safety practices and employee management practices. 

These are conducted on behalf of APSCo Australia, which requires these checks before accepting applicants as Members.  Labour hire agencies can submit the BVR report as supporting evidence in the application for a Labour Hire License. 

The BVR is also available to others for $350 plus GST.   It gives an excellent indication of compliance issues that may exist in your business.

iSuite Risk Management Services

The iSuite assessments are 2 hour gap analysis/assessments against legislative requirements and industry best practice.  Unlike the Business Verification Review (BVR), these assessments are conducted onsite and are evidenced based, that is both documents and records of practices need to be sighted.  These assessments can be structured to address a selected part of your business, but we have identified four areas where compliance is commonly problematic:

  • iSafe – assesses your safety management systems, documents and records, and includes a safety inspection of your workplace. This also includes assessments conducted at host client sites on behalf of labour hire agencies.

  • iPrivacy – identifies the privacy and data security requirements of your business, and the documentation and practices in place to manage these.

  • iEngage – reviews the arrangements with employees and contractors, including contracts, remuneration and entitlements, and checks records are retained.

  • iWork – checks employees, and in some instances contractors, have the right to work and that work is carried out in accordance with visas.

Certification Services

  • Quality Management Standard (AS/NZS ISO 9001)

  • Occupational Health & Safety Standard (AS/NZS 4801)

  • Occupation Health and Safety Management (BS OHSAS 18001)

  • Environmental Management Standard (AS/NZS ISO 14001)

  • Employment Screening (AS 4811)

  • Talent Engagement Standard (TES)

  • Massage & Myotherapy Standard

  • Standard and Conditions for the Provision of Locum Medical Officers to the NSW Health Services

  • Standards and Compliance Framework of the Invitation to Supply Medical Locum Agency Services, Health Purchasing Victoria

  • RCSA Service Delivery Standard (RCSA SDS)

Talent Engagement Standard

Certex has developed this standard as a compliance tool to assist Australian businesses and employers check they comply with their statutory obligations.  The standard includes 7 modules - Recruitment, Talent Management, Employment and Contract Practices, Right to Work, Privacy, Safety and Quality.  Assessment can be conducted as once off risk evaluations, or certification may be obtained with ongoing surveillance audits.  Please contact Certex for more information.


Meet Our Team

Click to learn more about Dianne.

Dianne Gibert
Managing Director

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Alicja Gardini
General Manager/iSuite Manager. 

Steve Nesbitt (003).jpg

Steve Nesbitt
iSuite Assessor


Donna Rowley
Certex Auditor and iSuite Assessor


Ross McFarlane
Triple Certified Certex Auditor


Valentina Taparcevski
Certex Auditor and iSuite Assessor


Erica Smith
Certex Auditor

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Marek Teply
Certex Auditor


Ivona Jurkovicova
Certex Auditor