Certification services for those who believe that quality is more than just a certificate. 


The Talent Engagement Standard (TES)

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The Talent Engagement Standard (TES) sets best practice for organisations which recruit and manage workers.

Created with reference to legislative requirements, existing industry standards, and business best practice, the Talent Engagement Standard defines the critical compliance areas for employers.                                      

Business Verification Reviews


APSCo Australia is an internationally recognised badge of quality to Governments, candidates, contractors and recruiters.

Certex is supporting APSCo Australia to assist its Members in preparing for the Labour-Hire Licensing schemes being introduced in Queensland and South Australia in early 2018.  The Business Verification Review is an important step in this process.

Certification with Certex


Certex is accredited with JAS-ANZ to issue certificates in quality management (9001), safety management (4801) and environmental management (14001). 

We also support the recruitment industry in certifications against industry standards including NSW Health, Health Purchasing Victoria and the Service Delivery Standard.                                                              


Uploaded by APSCo Australia on 2017-12-04.

Certex and the TES

Whizdom are a recruitment agency based in the ACT. it was one of the first business to achieve certification in the Talent Engnagement Standard. John McCluskey, the CEO talks about the experience and how it has benefited his business. 

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Upcoming Events - Webinars

Our Managing Director, Dianne Gibert, is hosting a series of webinars with APSCo Australia on topics ranging from Privacy and Data Breach to Labour Hire Licensing. See below for the listing of webinars in this series and go to the APSCo Australia website to book in.


Recruiters at the forefront of one of the most important human rights issues of the modern age (2 May)


Do I need to know about Labour Hire Licensing? YES! (9 May)

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