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Notify a concern. 

If you see a hospital not complying or asking for information they shouldn't, notify us. It's in everyone's interest that the industry is compliant. 

The new NSW Health Standard for Medical Locums is now much easier to understand and to meet.  But sometimes it can take time to change the way things have been done.  We can help NSW Health monitor the success of their new standard by alerting them when we see the standards not being met.

  1. Fill out your name and contact details, so we can contact you for more information if necessary.

  2. Describe the specific breach of the standard and the facility/entity involved.  Out of respect for privacy please do not include the names of individuals or their roles.   

This information will be held confidentially.  The information will be collated and analysed, and a summary will be compiled and discussed with NSW Health.   

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