SA to Repeal Labour Hire Licensing

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The SA Government has announced that it intends to repeal the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017. Following stakeholder feedback on the Act and Scheme, legislation to repeal the Act is expected to be introduced before the end of the year.

Labour Hire Licensing was intended to regulate the labour hire industry after exploitation was revealed within the fruit picker industry, among others. Stakeholder feedback has queried a number of areas of the scheme and its implementation.

A taskforce has been established to investigate whether the current laws are sufficient and recommend any changes if required.

The Queensland Government has fully implemented a Labour Hire Licensing Scheme and has even suspended some agencies from further operation within the state. Read our article here. The Victorian Government has already passed a Bill supporting Labour Hire Licensing but is yet to provide information on how the scheme will be implemented. Read our article here.

The SA Government is no longer accepting Labour Hire Licensing Applications. If you have already applied for a license, the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will refund application fees that have been paid if the legislation is successfully repealed by Parliament.  

Alicja Gibert