Labour Hire Licensing - Victoria to Join QLD and SA

Two weeks ago, the Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017 was passed by the Victorian State Parliament. Following South Australia and Queensland, Victoria will be the latest state to adopt the proposed scheme.

The Labour Hire Licensing Scheme was originally suggested as a way to regulate the labour hire industry following a series of exposes on exploited workforces. These included the likes of fruit pickers in the Goulburn Valley and other farming industries.

Most labour hire agencies would have started or completed their applications for licenses in SA and QLD and many will know to apply for Victoria when the time comes. However, non-agencies also need to be aware of these changes as substantial civil financial penalties will apply to both providers who operate without a license and hosts engaging them. These penalties can be up to $391,560 or may include 3 years imprisonment.

Queensland’s deadline for application of license has already passed. Entities which have not submitted a license application before 15 June 2018 are forced to cease operation in Queensland. South Australia has extended their deadline for agencies to successfully obtain a License before 1 February 2019. Information is yet to be released about how and when the latest regulations in Victoria will be implemented.

Hosts are able to check which labour hire agencies are licensed via a register on the government website.

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