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ITCRA's distinguished guest at the ITCRA Gala Dinner, Michael McLean was pleased to present the first Certex International People & Management Standard Certificate of Registration to Beacham Group, WA. Mr McLean, in his presentation, noted "that as an independent expert for the International Organisation for Standardisation in Geneva for Integrated use of Management System Standards and a member of the Certex International's Certification Advisory Board he was immensely proud to be asked to present this inaugural People and Talent Management Standard Certificate this evening." To put the significance of this Standard in context Mr McLean highlighted the strongly held view that, "with various Free Trade Agreements and The Transpacific Partnership now in place, there is a political and national productivity context that should be driving all business to consider how to best engage and manage their workforce." Mr McLean added that, as the Certex International Chair he has been privy, of the past few years, to feedback that there is a lack of clarity about what is actually compliant and best practice within an organisation's systems and, in particular, their Plan, Recruit, Develop and Transition People processes as part of their ISO 9001 Quality Systems.' "As a result," he said, "Certex International has, in response to such factors and, in consultation with organisations across a range of sectors, developed The People and Talent Management Standard. The Standard clearly identifies and demarcates those companies with strong business and people management practices from those who miss the mark. It is applicable to any organisation but provides an outstanding opportunity for leadership by the contracting and recruitment sector to articulate their people management practices to clients and regulators." Mr McLean commented that, "it was particularly pleasing to be asked to present the first Certificate of Registration to a contracting and recruitment company and ITCRA Member as the influence of this sector, in embedding Quality into People and Talent Management practices within the business and across the sectors they influence through recruitment, cannot be underestimated" In accepting the Certificate, Glenn Beauchamp Managing Director, and Leonie Kirkwood Operations Manager of the Beacham Group indicated " their pleasure at being acknowledged in front of their peers and how proud they were, as a Western Australian company, to be the first to achieve this business benchmark." Julie Mills, ITCRA CEO added "that contracting and recruitment companies have such an opportunity to influence workplace practices - as has been demonstrated by other programs and as an Association we are thrilled that Beacham Group have achieved this recognition but, more importantly, we congratulate our Silver Supporter, Certex International, for their commitment to the recognition of quality workforce management practice"

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