Melbourne to Sydney Charity Bike Ride


Certex International is proudly supporting the Melbourne to Sydney Charity Bike Ride. Graduating school is a massive part of anybody's coming of age journey, usually followed by a week of celebration affectionately known as "Schoolies". Instead, Alicja Gibert, Elizabeth Riaikkenen and Seii Chen decided on the idea with more character: cycling from Melbourne to Sydney, camping as they go. They wanted to give back to the world which has served them with enviable upbringings and happy childhoods. Recognizing that not everybody's journey has been like their's, they are raising charity for the Lighthouse Foundation, in support of homeless youth. The girls starting their ride last week, and so far have dealt with a flat tyre, sore legs, seemingly endless hills and rain. They are following the east coast and plan to arrive in Sydney in the next week. Follow the girls journey via their facebook page. To donate to the Lighthouse Foundation click here.

Alicja Gibert