Update on the Transition to JAS-ANZ Accredited Third Party Certification

  • Have you sought third party QA certification yet?
  • Do you have some quiet time?
  • If you haven't already sought QA certification then this might be the time to do this. The rules on QA suppliers have not changed.
  • As you are aware, at the end of last year the Queensland government dismantled their second party quality assurance auditing and registration processes in favour of using third party auditing bodies. A JAS-ANZ accredited, third party Quality Assurance certificate is now the only QA certificate acceptable to Queensland governmental departments and agencies. Suppliers were given an extension of their second party certifications to 30th June 2013, after which time they need to gain third party certification to tender for selected processes where QA was a requirement.

    Many businesses have been proactive and sought certification and registration with independent third party certifiers. Yet a larger number have held off pending a possible policy change at the end of June or at the beginning of July.

    However, at this stage no policy change has occurred. The QA Policy signed in December 2012 is still being applied by departments, agencies and local government. The QA Handbook and links to the QA Policy can be found here.

    What does this all mean for you? Well, if you have not yet achieved your certification, and you have some quiet time, now would be a very good time to schedule and arrange plans to become certified by a third party auditing body. The greatest benefit from certification can be achieved when you are not time-pressed to do so.

    How can we help? Certex International has already been engaged by a number of Queensland Government suppliers that have chosen to obtain a JAS-ANZ accredited third party QA certification, and there are also a number of businesses scheduled for their initial audit. Firms that have gained certification were very pleased with the ease of the process and the friendly, professional auditing approach by our team of auditors.

    Ask us about the process and find out for yourself. We are happy to provide a no obligation quote, as well as a one hour online training session to help you prepare.
Alicja Gibert