The Pyramid Effect: Benefits of ISO Standards for SMEs*.


*Small and Medium Enterprises Would you believe that the very first standards were developed in early 3150 BC? In the sweltering Saharan desert, the ancient Egyptians created a standard unit of length that they utilised to build the great Pyramids of Giza. And since then, use of standards has flourished until they have become almost enshrined in our everyday life, from our shoe sizes to our electrical products. Yet, though small and medium sized organisations make up more than 90% (yes, believe it) of the world's businesses, many SMEs still have not taken that extra step to becoming certified on an internationally recognised level. Certification in an ISO standard can be the difference between pyramids and rubble: they eliminate wasteful expenditures of time and resources, establish a strong framework for best practice across every business level, and increase business efficacy and internal productivity. They also add a new level of credibility in your business which in turn can boost confidence and rapports with clients. The flow on effect of all of this is to help open up export markets for your products and services, initiate opportunities to participate in global supply chains, and cement your company in the international sphere, allowing you to have a level playing field with the big conglomerate businesses. Earlier this year, ISO released a short video detailing more benefits of ISO standards for small businesses and you can free PDF that illustrated 10 benefits of standardisation for small and medium enterprises as perceived by small and medium business enterprises from across the world . All of this information and more, is available on special page that ISO has dedicated for SMEs here. Every small business starts out as a pile of bricks. And yes, competition is tough. But strategic use of standards can make a substantial difference to the growth of your company and can help you take your business to new heights. ISO is an independent, non-governmental organization made up of members from the national standards bodies of 163 countries. Under our accreditation with the national standards body in Australian and New Zealand, JAS-ANZ, Certex offers certification in the main ISO standards including Quality, OHS and Environmental management.

Alicja Gibert