Show all Recruitment Standards: Are You Meeting Yours?


The importance of compliance and recruitment standards has grown significantly over recent years. Recruiters that provide top quality services must be aware of the legislative requirements and of "best practice" in the industry.

The trouble is - these keep changing! Legislation is updated and some recent court cases have identified new interpretations and set high penalties for breaches.

Recruitment best practice changes as a result of evolving market expectations, new technologies and revised service models.

Being on top of these changes requires that a business has strong standards. 

Common Problems

We have reviewed the recruitment systems of hundreds of recruitment agencies. Some of the problems we find are quite common, but there are other problems which are less common but no less significant. These include:

  • Work contracts that use inconsistent or conflicting terminology
  • Services offered that are not supported by processes
  • Staff not being fully trained in service delivery
  • Little or no checking that processes are completed


Internal Processes

Having well defined standards of operating and internal processes is the most reliable way to ensure consistent and compliance in your services. Good internal processes are:

  • Appropriate - Reflect current legislation and best practices
  • Clear - Easy to access and to understand
  • Aware - Staff understand what is required
  • Recorded - As they say: "If it isn't in the system then it didn't happen!"
  • Checked - Another saying: "Inspect what you Expect"



Even if you think you have a good set of internal processes, having this checked regularly by an independent expert can be extremely valuable. If you use a formal audit process for this then you can become certified against a particular Standard. This is the proof that you have internal standards which comply with legislation and best practice.

There are various Standards which may be suitable, from the international ISO suite of management standards such as ISO 9001:2015, to a customised industry standard such as the Talent Management Standard.

Some Things to Ask Yourself…


  • Have you defined the standards of operating for your business?
  • How well do staff understand what is required of them?
  • How often do you check the work done?
  • Do you know which are the high risk areas that might need more regular monitoring?
  • Is your business ready for certification?


Where do you go next?

Our Managing Director, Dianne Gibert, will be hosting roundtable discussions at the upcoming FREE ‘Un-Conference’ event, Recruitment Yarns. Dianne will be answering questions such as: 

  • What makes a good internal process?
  • What are the areas that should be defined in processes?
  • Should you seek certification in 9001 or an industry standard? Which is easier, more relevant, more beneficial?

  • These roundtable sessions (and the whole event) are FREE, so please visit the website for more information or to register, or join the LinkedIn group to stay up to date. Alternatively, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about recruitment standards and certification please do not hesitate to contact Dianne Gibert, Managing Director of Certex International Pty Ltd.
Alicja Gibert