Feedback from Recruitment Yarns


The first leg of Recruitment Yarns is over, and there has been excellent feedback from those involved.

We’re still making our way to Albury/Wodonga, Sydney, Christchurch, Auckland, and Melbourne, so don’t miss out!

If you're still unconvinced, read on to see what people have been saying about Recruitment Yarns this year:

Great conversations this morning. If you own or manage a recruitment business I would highly recommend you get along to the event in your city.

2017 attendee


Really fantastic event this morning. The information on hand was really first class from a variety of impressive and inspiring people.

2017 attendee


For someone from a totally different marketplace (UK) it was fascinating to see the similarities and differences in our recruitment industries. Thank you again for all those who gave up their time to share the information.

2017 attendee


These are must attend events for recruitment business owners and leaders associated with the industry. I will be actively recommending Recruitment Yarns to my network and will be a future attendee for sure.

2017 attendee


Following on from last year’s successful Recruitment Yarns, attendances have been strong, and open collaboration has been encouraged. Feedback from attendees through surveys and one-on-one conversations has been awesome. Every person I’ve personally spoken to has said that their intention was that if they got one thing out of attending the event it would be worth their time – and they ended up taking away several ideas and concepts from the experience, and it has been absolutely invaluable to them. People have really been embracing the collaborative concept of Rec Yarns, and it’s time for everyone to take the time to get close and personal to all of their constituency as well as explore new concepts and ideas from the hosts participating in the events who are committed to the sustainability of our beloved industry!

Col Levander, founder of Recruitment Yarns and CEO of Rec Tech Solutions


Recruitment Yarns has been a great experience for us. We have had the opportunity to meet many in the industry that we have heard about but never before met. The level of engagement and participation in the sessions has been fantastic. It has been a very enjoyable experience, and I am looking forward to the next stage which includes sessions in Albury, Auckland and Christchurch, and back again in Sydney and Melbourne.

Dianne Gibert, roundtable and masterclass host, and MD of Certex International

Alicja Gibert