Talent Engagement Standard

The Talent Engagement Standard (TES) sets best practice for organisations which recruit and manage workers. Created with reference to legislative requirements, existing industry standards, and business best practice, the Talent Engagement Standard defines the critical compliance areas for employers.

Who will benefit from the Standard
This Standard establishes general principles for the recruitment and management of workers, and is therefore is relevant to all organisations that engage workers. The Standard is particularly relevant to contracting and recruitment agencies, as well as outsourced service providers such as recruitment agencies, contractor management and payroll management providers.

Structure of the Standard
The Standard recognizes the key issues affecting business processes today, including: the difficulties in retaining talent, the indifference surrounding immigration compliance, and ignorance about proper recruitment procedures. It also reinforces the importance of widely accepted business best practice in fundamental areas such as quality management, data protection and safety management. The Talent Engagement Standard consists of seven modules:

Recruitment Management
This section outlines the key elements of the process for recruiting personnel and on-hire workers. Taken together, these elements can assist to achieve current best practice for recruitment.

Talent Management
This section outlines the key elements for managing and retaining workforce capabilities in an organisation. Talent management involves identifying the resources needs and the top talent in an organisation, and developing strategies to attract, promote and retain key skills and capabilities in the business. The most effective talent management strategies address both the current needs as well as the predicted future requirements of the business.

Employment Law
Meeting workplace obligations is essential, but the area is complex and mistakes can be made, sometimes with dire consequences. This module incorporates checks on the level of knowledge, classification, entitlements, information and records. It included both employee and contractor arrangements, and looks at taxation, superannuation, insurance, leave and various other aspects of employment law in Australia and new Zealand.

Immigration Management
The right to work is often overlooked by both the individual and the employer, and both can be badly burned if this is not properly managed. This section assesses the level of organisation's level of awareness of and compliance with obligations. Undertaking this module can be an effective way of reducing a significant risk to your business.

Privacy Management
There is growing awareness by Australians of their right to have their personal information protected and managed properly. However, many businesses have not yet recognized their responsibilities for this. Too often privacy management is seen as not relevant or too hard, yet the consequences of a data breach can be significant. This section promotes practical and effective management of personal information in accordance with privacy legislation.

Safety Management
This section sets out the main requirements for maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring workers are properly trained and supervised to carry out their work in a safe manner. The responsibility is shared between the employer and host employer. If an organisation is already certified in an equivalent safety standard, then this will be taken into account in assessing compliance against this module.

Quality Management
An effective quality management system provides clarity and controls over the main activities in any business. This section requires that the business adhere to the internationally accepted principles of Plan Do Check Act, but requires a less intensive and less extensive quality management system than the international standard. An organisation seeking certification in any other module of the TES standard must also meet the requirements of this quality module. If an organisation is already certified in an equivalent quality standard, then this will be taken into account. If you wish to purchase a copy of the standard or find out more please contact us.
Whizdom Recruitment, a Canberra-based recruitment agency, has been accredited to our Talent Engagement Standard. Whizdom Recruitment were presented with their accreditation at the recent APSCo Australia Directors’ quarterly event in Canberra.