Recruitment Industry

Certex specialises in conducting audits in the recruitment industry. As a result, we are experts in recruitment services: we understand the differences between managing a permanent recruitment desk and an on-hire; we understand the issues of managing workplace safety for on-hire employees, we know best practice in employee screening.

We work with agencies that range in size from one or two people to large multinationals. Our clients include agencies that place nurses and medical officers, blue collar, professionals and those who work with overseas candidates.

Our auditors all have many years experience working in recruitment industry before we train them as auditors. We understand your job and your terminology, and relate to you and your responsibilities.

We have close relationship with the recruitment industry associations and industry experts, and keep up to date with the latest in industry requirements and concerns. We are ourselves perceived as experts in the recruitment industry in auditing, certification and in recruitment best practice.
Some of the other benefits we bring are:

Client Relationships
As a small, boutique certification body, Certex succeeds through the quality of our services and the strength of relationships with our clients. Certex have developed a number of ways to improve our client experience, including use of an online document repository for ready client access to audit reports, certificates and the current listing of open non-conformances and issues.

RCSA SDS Experience
Certex has been managing the RCSA SDS certification program on behalf of the RCSA since its introduction in 2005. Over the years we have enhanced and adapted the auditing approach and audit report to ensure the latest industry issues are addressed. The report is comprehensive and now addresses over 600 items. Certex has developed a unique rating system which provides a trend on compliance and best practice performance, and which compares the performance again all other who have been audited by Certex since 2005.

Marketing Your Achievement
Certex have developed a new Clients Register which lists the certification status of all our clients and provides you the opportunity to enter information about your business such as description of services and contact details, and to link this to your own website. Certex acknowledge the achievement of our new clients by promoting new and renewed certifications in Shortlist and our newsletters.