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Performance Pathway


The Performance Pathway is an easy to follow progression which starts with a high-level assessment of your business, through to more detailed assessments in key areas of compliance and management.

Each assessment is conducted onsite and provides you a detailed report of the findings.  The findings include an overall risk rating: low, medium or high.  The report identifies areas that need attention so you can direct resources as needed.

Ultimately you can even choose certification in a recognised management standard so you can show you are best practice.

The Performance Pathway takes the angst and uncertainty out of checking for compliance and seeking certification.

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Performance Pathway - What You Save

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Amounts are excluding GST.

Each assessment will identify areas of weakness or low compliance.  You should take steps to address these either using your own resources, or with support from the specialists available to you such as APSCo Australia and Network Partners.  The Pathway can be completed in 12 months depending on your level of assessed risk and commitment to improvement. 

A fee is payable for each assessment, and discounts applicable to members of the Benefits Program.

Benefits Program

 The Benefits Program provides Certex services at a considerable discount, as well as access to expert services from our Network Partners.  The Program also structures a pathway towards compliance and certification which you can navigate at your own pace. 

The range of services accessible through the Program is extensive: it includes a free Business Verification Review, copy of the Talent Engagement Standard and ongoing support from Certex, as well as access to employment law advice, document templates, contracts, training, legal advice, insurance, consulting and more from selected external specialists. 

To join the Benefits Program you pay $200 plus GST per month for 12 months.  Payments can be made by direct debit or credit card.   

Certex certified clients and subscribers to services within the iSuite Risk Management Program are automatic members of the Benefits Program.

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