Background & Purpose

With numerous scandals hitting the news over the past few years, it’s crucial that businesses ensure they are employing people with the Right to Work in Australia and can provide evidence if questioned.  A number of organisations have been remiss in this process and there is now an increased focus on this area of talent management.

The iWork Assessment is a high-level assessment of where your risks might be in assessing candidates Right to Work in Australia.  It is designed to identify areas that may require further analysis and support.

How it works

The iWork Assessor will contact you first for information about your business and workforce e.g. number of staff, type of work, number if workers on visas, types of visas etc. This information will enable them to plan the onsite assessment.

The onsite assessment will take no more than 2 hours and will review the workforce records and procedures of your business.

Key areas that will be addressed include: contracts/agreements, records confirming the right to work for Australian Citizens and visa holders, any sponsoring agreements, and records confirming that visa conditions are met. Any areas for improvement will be highlighted.

The iWork Assessment will provide you with a risk assessment of your workforce and identify any areas of weakness to enable you to take steps to improve your process for engaging workers and the records that you hold.  

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