Background & Purpose

A major topic today wherever you turn - politics, media, trade unions, legislation, business forums – is how to best engage and work with employees and contractors. The problems are many – some legislation is not clear, some case law can confuse and not clarify, and businesses and trade unions have clear objectives which are not always consistent.

It is a difficult space for an employer, even one who is fully aware of the many factors to be considered in engaging and renumerating workers correctly.

The iEngage assessment is a high-level assessment of where your risks might be. It is designed to  identify areas that may require further analysis and support.

How it works

The iEngage Assessor will contact you first for information about your business e.g. number of staff, type of work, locations of work, awards, remuneration arrangements etc. This information will enable them to plan the onsite assessment.

The onsite assessment will take no more than 2 hours and will review the records and procedures of your business Key areas that will be addressed are: type of engagement (e.g. casual, part time, permanent), wages, leave and other entitlements, engagement contracts, other work arrangements such as uniforms, shifts and accommodation.

In some organisations there are multiple entities – internal entities that specialise in trading or employing staff, and external service providers, such as payroll service providers and contract management companies.    The iEngage assessment will aim to unravel the connections,  identify obligations and responsibilities as well as the required record keeping strategies.

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