AS/NZS ISO 14001 The Environmental Management System

Many tenders now require the supplier maintain standards for environmental management. Often this can be demonstrated simply with a documented policy, but for the more serious amongst you then certification in AS/NZS ISO 14001 is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to reducing your impact on the environment. It can also be a powerful way to show to your staff and other stakeholders how important this is. 

The main aim of the AS/NZS ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is to assist companies in continually improving their environmental performance, whilst complying with any applicable legislation. Organizations are responsible for setting their own targets and performance measures, with the standard serving to assist them in meeting objectives and goals and the subsequent monitoring and measurement of these. 

Businesses which are service based and operate from offices rather than industrial sites, generally have only a few environmental aspects which can be controlled; businesses which deal with chemicals and generate waste products and pollution would have more extensive controls and procedures. These could include training to ensure workers are competent in maintaining controls and dealing with accidents, clear operating procedures, monitoring potential hazards and continually seeking ways to improve. Regardless of the extent of the practical environmental aspects for your business, all businesses can benefit from a planned and systemic approach to managing their environmental impacts. 

The 14001 standard can be applied to a variety of levels in the business, from organizational level, right down to the product and service level. Rather than focusing on exact measures and goals of environmental performance, the standard highlights what an organization needs to do to meet these goals. Success of the system depends on commitment from all levels of the organization, especially top management, who need to be actively involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of the environmental management system. 

Certex specializes in providing certification services to recruitment and other professional service industries. The 14001 environmental standard can be adopted either on its own or as part of an integrated management system including AS/NZS ISO 9001 or the RCSA SDS or others.