We are pleased to be an APSCo Australia Affiliate Member. We work closely with APSCo Australia to provide their members a range of services.

Major Sponsors of the APSCo Australia 2018 Gala Dinner


We are pleased to announce that Certex International is the major sponsor of the APSCo Australia Gala Night! An exciting night in the professional staffing industry, we're pleased to be supporting the recognition of those who have achieved excellence! Keep the date free and you can buy your tickets on their website now. We look forward a wonderful night. 


Business Verification Review

The APSCo Assure program supports excellence and best practice in professional staffing and recruitment companies, and their providers, by delivering resources and services directed to the maintenance, development and protection of the business interests of Members, their Directors, officers and employees. Quality  of Member companies is validation of the sector and, in Australia, is underpinned by the Business Verification Review program which is a Membership pre-requisite assessment. Every Member’s brand is strengthened by the APSCo badge of quality

APSCo Assure and the iSuite Program

APSCo Assure focusses on the underlying Workplace Health and Safety principle that all parties involved in the workplace should work together to protect workers and others from harm. In particular, it is now accepted that both the professional staffing and recruitment company and the client are considered PCBU’s (persons conducting a business or undertaking) and therefore share responsibility for the safety of the employee or contractor. Resources and programs to assist in understanding and delivering on this principle are continually being developed to ensure Members have access to cutting edge support as they strive for business excellence.

Talent Engagement Standard

Webinars - Across the MD's Desk

Advice Line

The Advice Line is available to APSCo Members as a Member benefit. The service is a combination of telephone and email – ensuring business will have a rapid response to queries in the first instance. The standard agreed to by the providers of the service is immediate advice or email/call returned within 2 hours and up to 30 minutes telephone or written advice at no cost to Members.  If additional advice is required, Members and the provider can agree/or not to a direct and separate engagement. There is no obligation.  All conversations are confidential and APSCo Australia will only become involved if a Member requests such involvement.

Please let us know the nature of your enquiry and how we can help